Manuela Runge – Creative Writing and Shiatsu Coach


Dipl. Germanistin, Lektorin, Autorin und GSD-anerkannte Shiatsu-Praktikerin.

Manuela Runge was born in Dresden. While studying German studies at the Humboldt University of Berlin. After completing her studies in Berlin, she worked as an editor at the Aufbau-Verlag and supervised the field of literature and scientific nonfiction there. She left the GDR shortly before the reunification of Germany and moved to Mannheim. In Weinheim, she continued her work as an editor for non-fiction books, especially biographies, associated in the Verlagsgruppe Beltz Quadriga Publishing and Athenaeum continues and has since been on biographical poetry readings, including to Daniil Kharms, Akhmatova, Rose Auslander, Franz Fühmann, Bertolt Brecht and Else Lasker-Schüler. In 2000, she became a freelance writer, editor and ghostwriter. She is author of several biographies including biographies about Marlene Dietrich, Otto und Gustav Lilienthal und Kurt Masur. In 2003, Manuela moved back to Berlin. Manuela spends her time offering Shiatsu massage in her private practice in Pankow (www.ki-haus-pankow.de) and also coaching on creative writing.


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New Year, New Skills!! Our 2016 Courses.

2016 will be an exciting year for LearnApe. We have engaged with so many interesting teachers and their fascinating workshops! We are very honoured to represent these inspiring and talented individuals.

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Jenny Pospieszny – Aromatherapy Coach

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Jenny grew up in East Berlin in the 80s, she is an all-Berliner and a straight shooter with a big big heart! After years of working in an office, she decided to pick up the art of massaging as her way of personal development. Before she knew it, she was hooked and she worked to become a massively successful masseur in Berlin, working for 5 star hotels and subsequently managing hotel spas herself.

Her training began as a relaxationn therapist, specializing in hypnosis and Progressive Muscle Relaxation according to Jacobson. In 2011, she started advancing her knowledge in aroma-therapy and became an expert in using aroma to ease body tension and soothe troubled emotions. Her passion for natural healing continues, as she  eventually mastered the skill of quantum healing.

Jenny is an all rounded masseuer mastering skills of different kinds of massage techniques and therapeutic treatments. She uses Aromatherapy to treat her clients’ mental, as well as, physical discomforts on a daily basis. Her experience and feedback from her clients proves the effectiveness of her approach. She believe we  should all try to heal our body naturally before committing to heavy medication. She believes good health is maintained on a regular basis at home. For that reason, she had the idea to organize workshops to coach people who are interested to use aromatherapy in their wellness routine.

Since she is a well soughted masseur in Berlin, working with various 5 star hotels and important clients in the city; her job doesn’t leave her with alot of time for workshops. LearnApe is very honoured to represent and work with her in her upcoming Aromatherapy workshop.

Find out more about her 2016 workshops on Aromatherapy and emotional healing and her signature Raindrop Massage technique