Birgit von Borstel – a real STAR in the world of Astrology

From the outside, Birgit has a pixie hairstyle, she is what we call cool. She studied Psychology and Philosophy, and have worked as a DJane, club manager, promoter and finally a product manager in a record label. Little does she know, her life path would lead her to become a prominent Astrologist/Psychologist in Germany.
This blooming bud stem from when she was 16 years old, when she came across Astrology. Like everyone else, she was fascinated but at the same time skeptic about this connection between humans personalities and well-beings with the planets. The two (people and planets) seems so far away. Where is the connection. Where is the prove?
Birgit went through a long journey of finding these answers to those questions. She trained herself to calculating and creating horoscopes, and through an in-depth study of the relevant literary titles, lengthy conversations and personal observations, just like studying and getting to know any subjects in life, she eventually found the connections and learned how to interpret Astrology. She is convinced, people would have so much to benefit from the understanding of our cosmos, and every invincible element around us.  We are all connected.

Natural as Psychologist, she was fascination in using Astrology to study peoples’ intentions and motivations to detect aptitudes and proclivities that characterize a personality.  She realized that an astrological world view not only enables us to be more open-minded, tolerant and authentic but also reveals new ways of approaching problems, encouraging potentials, and finding solutions.

In order to better understand how to evaluate the information provided by the horoscope and to create a comprehensive and sensible interpretation, she completed a course in psychological astrology in Hamburg between 1999 and 2002. Here she learned how to structure the complexity that horoscope interpretation entails. Since 2007, Birgit works also as a teacher for Astrology in Hamburg in Berlin.

Birgit von Borstel is a certificated astrologer of medieval astrology (CMA) , DAV (German Astrologer Association), and member of the DAV examination board since 2011. I am also member of ATA (Arbeitskreis Traditionelle Astrologie), a research group for traditional Astrology with members from Germany, the Netherlands and Austria. She is qualified as a coach and for working as a health care practitioner, specialized in the field of psychotherapy. Birgit works with both modern and traditional astrology techniques.