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Photography Workshop Exhibition


On 21.11.15 & 22.11.15 Lara Celenza Photography held a Beginners Guide to Digital Photography Workshop to 8 learners. Her workshop focused on light, subject, movement and composition. Lara Celenza invited her learners to produce photos using the principles they have learned, and would hosts an online photography exhibition on our blog page and social media page to showcase the works of our learners. These works welcome comments and critiques. Please go to our social media network, namely FB to leave a comment.

work Title: Last summer at Velodrom

Photographer: Ben Rennert


work title: säuglings- und kinderkrankenhaus weißensee

Photographer: Ben Rennert


work title: Japanese Knife Maker & Reflection

Photographer: Elaine Wall




work title: Say Cheese

Photographer: MariaDSCF2008