FAQ / Frequently asked questions



Why LearnApe


What is LearnApe

LearnApe is an education focused website that work with schools and trainers to offer a wide variety of classes. The website serves as a 1 stop online shop for course search, service and booking.


Why should I book with LearnApe?

LearnApe helps you source out top quality courses at the lowest price possible. We offer discounts to support your learning and we collect genuine reviews of the courses, so you will be guaranteed with quality teaching and course quality.


Are there booking fees?

LearnApe does not charge extra fees for booking with us. We guarantee the same price that the school would offer directly. In addition, we offer our users continuous discounts as reward for booking with us. In the end, you save more with LearnApe.


How do we select our schools and trainers?

We do research on our course providers before we invite them to join our network. We select schools and trainers who are passionate with teaching and have creative courses to offer. Together with our course provider, we focus on offering a positive experience to our learners. If you are a school or trainer that has something interesting to offer, please contact us. (link to trainer join us page)



Gift Cards


I want to give education and knowledge as a gift, what do I do?

What’s more valuable and meaningful than giving the gift of education and knowledge to someone else? LearnApe offer gift codes and gift cards to anyone who wants to buy someone a course. You will see the ‘Give as gifts’ option in the class description page.

We offer 2 methods of delivering the gift card, you can send gift card as E-card (email directly to recipient) or printed (emailed to you). Please see Gift Card.


Should I buy a class or a gift card?

Unless you are sure your recipient can make the class time schedule, we think its better to buy a gift card with credits in it. This way, your recipient can choose the date and time that best suits their schedule.


How long is a gift card valid for?

Our gift card never expires.


Is there a minimum required amount for gift cards?

We recommend a minimum purchase of 5 Euro on your gift card.


Can I use the same gift code on multiple classes?

YES. You can use the same gift code on multiple classes. We will debit out of the amount and what is amount that is left with the code can be reused until the amount is finished.


Can I refund a gift card?

Unfortunately we do not allow refund on gift cards. The gift card do not expire, we are positive you will find something fun and exciting to use the gift card on.


I lost my gift card, or gift card is not delivered.

If you have lost your gift card or it is not delivered to your destination, please contact us and provide us your order number, we will help you sort it out.



Reward and Promocodes


How does the rewards system work?

LearnApe supports your commitment to learning by offering you continuous discounts. For every class you book, we will give you a promo code with discounts on your next purchase, so you are always saving.


How do I use a promo code or a gift card?

You will find ‘Apple Promo Code’ button at the Checkout page. Simply enter the promo code or gift card code in the code box and redeem your discount.


Can I use 2 promo codes at the same time?

Unfortunately, promotional codes cannot be used with other promotional codes in a single purchase.


Can I use a gift card together with a promo code?

Yes. You can redeem a promo code and use a gift card in 1 purchase.





Do I need to sign in to book for a course?

LearnApe offers users the ability to sign into an account to view purschase history, wishlist and receive free discounts and updates on our new exciting courses. However, users are not required to sign up to book their classes.


What is Wishlist?

When you find a course you are interested in but could not make the schedule, you can simply add it into your wish list and you will be notified as soon as new dates are available. In wishlist, you can keep track on the classes that you’d like to take.


I would like to share class information with a friend, what do I do?

You can share class information by using our social media share links or you can use the course ID to inform your friend about the course on LearnApe.



Cancellation and refund


What if a class is canceled?

LearnApe abides by the cancellation policies of our schools and trainers. Every school and trainers has different cancellation policy, we recommend reviewing these before purchasing a class.


To find the policy for a class, go to ‘class information’ section.


What do I do if I need to cancel?

If you need to cancel a class, please contact us as soon as possible. We abide by our schools and trainers cancellation policies, please read through the cancellation policy under the class information section so that you are aware of the restrictions.


How do I get a refund?

As long as you are within the school’s cancellation policy, we will arrange for a refund you accordingly and swiftly.


Preparation and technical errors


What do I need to prepare for my class?

All materials you need to bring to your class will be listed on class description section. Materials that require additional costs will be listed on the class description. You can bring along your booking confirmation to the class.


Website feature does not work.

If you have come across feature that does not work, please contact us via the contact form to let us know.


I have a suggestion to make.

We appreciate and welcome suggestions from our users as well as educators. Please contact us and we will respond to it ASAP.