Über uns

Thanks for stopping by and learning a little about what LearnApe is all about. Our About us story is basically a story about you.


LearnApe started out with teachers and learners in mind. We want to offer teachers a supportive platform that provides service and connects them with their audience. With our support, teachers can have more focus on creating top quality learning activities and curriculums that are fun and engaging for the learners to do alone or with a group of people.


For the people of Berlin, we are a group people of creativity and open-mindedness, who strive to learn everyday because we know knowledge will stay with us no matter where we go and knowledge open doors. LearnApe is here to make the process of selecting teachers and courses easier and straight forward. We want to offer you with more choices and help you find the best teachers and the best learn activities in town without being buried in a sea of information. Browse through our top categories, see the straight forward course description and read the reviews previous learners have left for you.


Aside from creating fun courses to our learners, we want to keep the standard of our courses high. We want learners to review our courses after each learning experience. Whether it is learning to cook, dance, create or write a book, users will be guaranteed to fun and top quality service.