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When a workshop does it right!


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It may have been just a normal Tuesday for some, enjoying dinner at home and watching TV after work….How I usually spend my Tuesday evenings. But this Tuesday evening was surprisingly inspiring for me. I joined Gemma Hannah’s Self Made Xmas Gift workshop at her natural handmade body product studio/shop – Cocotu Apothecary in Kreuzberg. The workshop started at 7pm, I was slightly late but as soon as I stepped into the room, I was greeted with such wonderful scents, beautiful art works (Gemma shares her work space with an artist) and warm smiley faces. I did not know anyone prior to this, but everyone seems so relaxed and pleasant. Well… when you are surrounded by a melange of quality essential oils, its hard to not feel relaxed and pleasant :) The smiles across the table signal, its gonna be an awesome evening for me.
As I arrived, Gemma was already well in her way of demonstrating how to make Bath boms – balls that contain cocoa butter and shea butter with coconut oil that fizzes away when its soaked in water. Cocoa butter, shea butter and coconut oil…some serious moisturizer there, I’d say ‚luxus pur‘ for my winter dry skin. At the same moment, I realize Gemma puts quite alot of attention on how she presents her workshop, from pretty wild flowers in mini jars decor to preparing a wide range of essential oils and natural products such as clay, sea salt and dry flowers for us to use in our self made products.

The 2nd product was a highlight for me, Gemma proceeds to teach us how to make our own candles!!! Using environmentally friendly and vegan friendly soy wax. She insists on using the best natural products and that reflects her own products – Cocotu.

Making the soy candles were surprisingly simple but we also get knowledge on the different essential oils and their benefits. Gemma gave us the freedom to choose for our fav scents and to mix and match as we wish.  The experience was a creative and eye opening one. Although my choice was a boring one.. I just love Bergamot and kept to that. We got to be NOSY and smell into other people’s creative mixes. It was such a lovely mix, my fav was Rose and Chamomile combination. While we wait for the soy to cool and set, Gemma made us tea and served us amazing Honey wafflers!!!!!!! I am now official a FAN. Of Gemma and the honey waffles. :)

Last product to try was bath salts. We got a short introductions to the benefit of bathing with such bath salts – Epsom and sea salt and got busy with our scent mixing. Gemma was generous enough to also teach us creative and rustic ways to decorate and pack our home made xmas presents. The ideas were sweet, simple and elegant. My jar of soy candle with Bergamot scent looks exactly like the 40euro candles from Jo Malone! Thank you Gemma Hannah, I cannot recommend this workshop more to ANYONE who wants to just feel REALLY good about themselves on a regular Tuesday evening! 😉